Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stars smile on me

As I travel alone most of the time I learned a few tricks along the way. One of them is that staying in a chateau it's a bit of a gambling. It's great, quiet and relaxing only if your castle doesn't host some over talkative newly weds or, even worse, the teambuilding for the sales department of some bank in Bulgaria.
The family and staff at Château des Monthairons is quite intent on treating each guest as someone special. (Look for Château des Monthairons in the Michelin Hotel and Restaurant Red Guide for France.) A beautiful 19th century château with fairytale turrets, Monthairons has much to offer visitors -- from a private beach on the River Meuse to an elegant restaurant serving such delights as Homard rôti et servi dans un coeur d'artichauts breton et pointes d'asperges vertes (roasted lobster served with hearts of Breton artichokes and green asparagus tips). And there are no less than 11 choices on the dessert menu! I pay €180 for my room wich was more an apartment. For €90 you could have a smaler but equally charming room.
This time I get lucky. There were only 6 other guests. 2 couples from Paris and my new best frient lady Sonia and her traveling companion miss Claire. At 65 lday Sonia is younger at heart than most of my 30ish friends. Like any old lady she is quite a bridge player. I didn't play bridge since colege but with these 2 ladies, Catherine (the owner) and a few glases of Maison Laroppe I had quite a wonderfull evening. Lady Sonia is a astrologist. I have to admit I gasp a little when I found out fearing she will try to read my future and nag me "Piscies this, and Virgo that..". I was thinking this serves me right allready for diching my aunt. But lady Sonia didn't even ask my sign.

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