Tuesday, June 2, 2009

John Lenon grandmother

Small enough to explore easily on foot, but big enough to be wonderfully cosmopolitan. Walk around the traffic free heart of Chester city centre and it is impossible not to fall under the spell of a city buzzing with real, vibrant 21st century life.
I arrived in Chester at 1pm and grab a late lunch at The Bear and Billet. The restaurant is housed in one of Chester's more beautiful buildings and, after more than 200 years in business, this pub seems to have the basics down pretty well. I had a quite decent salad and a pepper steak sandwich with chips and a pint of Guiness for around 7 british pounds. And I found out this: "Enthusiasts of obscure Beatles information may be interested to know that John Lennon's grandmother, Annie Jane Milward, was born in the Bear and Billet in 1873"

I phoned the owner of the Tuscan and he came to take me from city center to his home to show me the beauty. At 4pm I was comfortably seated in a 380hp sport car speeding back to London.

And if at the end of the day you'll get to drive all the way back to London a TVR Tuscan life is really wonderful.

Now, the car...

Too raw for some, scary for others due to the temperamental reputation or by the troubles the company is going through. Bought by Abramovitch's 24 years friend, Nicolay Smolensky in 2004, TVR is now, after several attempts to change ownership again, going as slow as melases in january.

Still the car I drove to London was anything but slow. It's... loud. It's a raging bull this car. You feel the power of the 6 inline engine straight to your lungs. The sering is heavy and the brakes feel like your actualy put your foot on the pavement to slow down. At slow pace it's manageable but as I pick up speed I get scared senceless. I actualy don't know exactly how fast it is because for 300Km Chester to London I had only one thought: "Phone mother. Say I love you one last time".

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