Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Psichology... (2)

Actually I don't really know if I am where I am now (Clastres, France) due to psychology, social sciences or engineering. I almost made peace with myself yesterday and hit the highway to Paris to see my dear old Miss Cecilia (this is no joke, it's my aunt name so imagine the state of blessing I felt contemplating 3 hours of "My dear nephew I missed you so much. Are you sure your not hungry?"). Luckily, using the nav in the Merc CL500 I'm driving it's a real challenge so, I fiddled with it trying set the (otherwise obvious) course to Paris. I was 100Km from Calais when I catch on the nav screen a glimpse of some place named "Clastres". The name ringed a bell but wasn't sure why. I remembered just in time to "miss" the exit for Paris:
Pierre Clastres was a French anthropologist and ethnographer. He is known for his theory on stateless societies. Some people regard him as giving scientific validity to certain anarchist perspectives. I know this from college or my days as socialist revolutionary not sure which.
Also Clastres it a village where, a year ago, I went to the opening of "Le circuit de Clastres" the newest (I think) in France.And here I am, last year at the opening in the little Lotus of Mike L, my musical friend (he is a drummer :) )

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