Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Psichology is your friend

Last week, I left London for Paris to meet an aunt I manage to avoid for the last 10 years. You know, the type that ask you "when are you going to settle down". This time it seemed I would have no escape so I borrow a CL500 from D (tnx mate) and head for the e-Tunnel. As I was aproaching the end of M20, my dear friend Sigmund Freud whispered in my ear "Don't take tunnel, try ferry and hopefully you'll board the wrong one or the ship will sink or the martians will kidnap you". So, as I push on to Dover (wich is still ungly and full of lories as the last time) a new found fear of tunnels taked hold of me. I set the navigation for the port, get lost as usual, bougth a tiket for next morning and find a place to stay. The part with the place to stay was easy because I staid before at the Lighthouse witch is half way between Dover and Folkestone. I love this little inn. It's for some, the perfect place for souls searching with it's stunning views of the channel, for other the start of constant pickering about the trip they are about to embark (I heard people complaining the railway it's to close - never a problem for me). I staied there 3 different times allready and the only introspective attempt I had was the promise some day I'll take the path from the clifs and walk down to the sea. It never happened, it never will. The thought of climbing back or the shame of calling a cab to take me back it's to much for me :)
The next morning I boarded the ferry. It's a 2 hours trip filed with smels and sights of the transport factory that this kind of ship is.

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