Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 convertible to buy now

Spring it's coming and many people wonder what cars will be "on" in the next season. The crisis it's almost over so you need to show some optimism or hide the blue eyes. Let's give it a try:
1. Price range 200.000E and over
Mercedes 300SL, 1960, (300.000E)

If you can afford this you don't need to show of anymore so you can go in style with a classic. It's timeless elegance will put you in a different league that all the "nouveau riches" around

2. Price range 100.000- 200.000E
Spyker C8, Spyder, (190000E)

Flamboyant and extroverted, will tell all the world your stocks went back up. And since the niche builders are not doing so great these days you might get a decent price for it a few years from now when the demand for exotic brands will go up again.

3. Price range 50.000- 100.000E
a. Morgan Aero, 75000E

Guaranteed classic! And also a joy to drive even on daily basis (take my word for it - I have tried). Cost of ownership is quite high but the status bust will be immediate.

b. Audi A5, 55.000E

If you feel you'r not over the hill yet go with the safe bet. Something like "Hope for the best, expect the worst". It's a convertible and also a diesel. Audi quality.

c. Jaguar XK 2006, 55000E

If you're preparing to sell some business you have to arrive in style at the negotiation table. This will say about you that you are a serious businessman that just decided to enjoy the simpler things in life